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Referrer by request
JetSwap gives you the opportunity to choose desirable URLs, for ranking services statistics. You are able to choose any URL, and it will be substituted as referrered URL (that means, visits occured to your site assumes as visits from this page (URL)). Exclusive JetSwap technology Referrer by request - Just enter desirable URLs (pages) and enjoy the result. These pages may have no links to your site, but ratings will assume that visit to your site, is occured from that URL. Referrer by request Technology is valid only for SafeSurf. If your site will be impressed, using the traditional surfing, then these settings will be ignored.

  • The principle of "Referrer by request" technology
SafeSurf client software uses Firefox browser for it's work . This web browser makes it possible to directly determine referrer for downloading pages. So, actualy the referrer does not happen for downloading page, but all scripts on your site (eg, scripts, ratings) will assume that visit is occurred from the site you've specified.

This technology is absolutely clean, the substitution of the referrer is not determined by any automated means. For best results, we recommend that site-referrer, had a link to your site.

  • Recommendations for using "Referrer for request" technology
1. Referrer URL is entered in the settings of your site for one URL per line. The system will give you entered addresses referrer in random order. Should enter the full URL of the referrer in the conventional format, such as: http://www.jetswap.eu. Program will not display invalid referrer!
2. Using technology does not affect the process of downloading the site, except the transfer of right referrer. You can use any other web-site settings absolutely free.
3. Sending you specify referrer may not happen if your site is impressed using traditional surfing or referrer you entered is incorrect. For your spesified referrers were allways transfered correctly, please check "Only SafeSurf impressions"

Note: referrer - is URL of the page that links to your site, with which the visitor came to your page. For example, if you got to this page from the main page of our site http://www.jetswap.eu, then referrer for this page will be addressed http://www.jetswap.eu

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